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New Retro Game Soundtrack Music

I had so much fun putting together some music for a retro video game project — I love being able to bring the “bleeps and bloops” from my childhood into […]

New Meditation Track I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time with the Simbi community, offering music lessons, violin recordings, soundtracks, tarot readings, and more. I recently finished a 15-minute long meditation track for […]

“simplicity” Now Available!

Due to a large and involved soundtrack project I recently took on (featuring my music that will appear in the background of an upcoming bingo game app), I am now […]

More Custom Music Coming Your Way…

Haha, so I’ve been cranking out a slew of brand new electronic works for a game-soundtrack request, and I’ve been having just such a blast putting this all together! Because […]

Enjoy Some New Custom Music!

Check out the latest, fun commission I finished for a professional blacksmith, wood, and leather worker! And, of course, there’s my previous custom tune, “The Groovy City,” to enjoy, as […]

Arranged Titles

With all of the amazing music available to us, why not have your favorite sounds — from across vast eras and locations around the world — on hand to play […]

Finding that Perfect Sound…

Here’s just a taste of the library of tunes I have on hand, ready to play for your next event! [Skip to my Arrangements page for info on non-traditional tunes.] […]

Music Makes the World Go Round…

Are you an instrumentalist or vocalist itching to add brand new music to your repertoire, written just for you, to be a vehicle for expressing the whispers of your soul […]

Event Music

Imagine you are planning a special event with your family and friends. A wedding, memorial, party, fundraiser… And you know you will have to have music playing — your favorite […]