Recording Artist Specialist, at Your Service

I am experienced in multiple performance styles:

  • Styles from all eras of Classical (including historically informed Baroque and prior period performance), to Celtic, country (bluegrass, old timey, etc), to jazz, rock, hip-hop, new age, ambient, and more!
  • Performance in concert as a soloist, chamber musician, recording artist, orchestra member, improviser with a band, etc.
  • I can improvise and read sheet music.

One of my most favorite things to do with my instruments and friends is go into a studio and lay down some tracks for a recording!

I have had the opportunity to play violin, viola, and/or electric violin for a huge variety of recording situations:

  • Album tracks
  • Film scores (even laying down some tracks with an orchestra for a film at Sony Pictures Studios) 😉
  • with written down sheet music
  • or, with nothing but my improvising skills
  • playing solo, with a chamber group, or with a large orchestra
  • sometimes I’ve had to over-dub myself on multiple parts, and with both my violin and viola.

If you can imagine it, we can get it done and find ways to make your musical vision a reality, within budget.

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What I Can Do for You:

  • Play on violin, viola, or 6-string electric violin for your session(s). I can sight read music and improvise in numerous styles.
  • Contract other instruments to play for your session(s).
  • Record tracks for you on my home equipment and email you the raw tracks to use as you like.
  • Anything I record for you remains under all of your original copyrights, UNLESS we are recording something I’ve composed for you:
    • Distribution and broadcast rights for recording a custom composition for you are negotiated on a per-project basis.
      • Typically, for a track, EP, or album, I will maintain all rights on the composition itself, as well as distribution rights for the master. However, you will also have either non-exclusive or exclusive rights for distribution for a certain period of time.
      • For film scores (not stand-alone works or songs), I will typically grant most or all rights of distribution, broadcast, and ownership of the music, so that it remains a part of the film to which it is attached.
  • Naturally, I’m entirely negotiable and happy to try and work within your available budget!
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