Music Makes the World Go Round…

  • Are you an instrumentalist or vocalist itching to add brand new music to your repertoire, written just for you, to be a vehicle for expressing the whispers of your soul and artistry?
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Check out “Weeping Willow” on the player below…

  • Do you long to share new music with friends and audiences, music that is carefully crafted to provide:
    • an emotionally engaging experience for all; music that meets people wherever they are in regard to prior musical knowledge they may or may not have.
    • a thrilling and rewarding experience for the musician — a.k.a., music that is both challenging enough and engaging enough to be worth playing, over and over again.
    • a rich, artistic depth that encourages spiritual, mental, and emotional exploration of the human condition.

“…the [Book of I] soundtrack composed by Sarah Wallin Huff stands out as both a powerful album, taking its listener on an emotional journey of beauty, despair, and hope, as well as a fascinating study of the composer’s visceral and intellectual connection to the source material…at times, vividly haunting but always entirely engrossing…[Wallin Huff] clearly has a passion and a gift for sharing every ounce of her mind, body, and soul with the listener…” (source)

  • Even if you’re a music student (or the teacher or parent of one) looking to enrich your repertoire with cutting-edge music for your particular instrument and level of ability…

“Aradia, La Bella Pellegrina” – found on Paroketh’s Veil. Purchase album at

I like to call it Stream-of-Consciousness Composition

When I compose, I tend to employ a framework of themes that is not blatantly obvious to the ear. Rather, I prefer to guide the listener through an unfolding story; one theme leading smoothly to the next. Multiple connecting elements subtly thread various portions of the work together into a rich tapestry of mood and color.

And I would be honored to compose a new work for you!

(Visit Sarah’s Sonic Catalogue or her Sheet Music Store to discover new music she’s already written!)


Kathodik says the album “balance[s] functions to perfection.”

“Sarah Wallin Huff works with a palette of sounds in a way that mere humans can only distantly discern – this single is an ambient instrumental masterpiece of classical and modern moods.” (source)

What you get:

  • A brand-new, hand-crafted musical work written to your specifications of instrumentation and duration, as well as any desires for mood or feel.
  • Your name and/or group’s name printed on the dedication above the title on all copies of the sheet music and parts, to remain there for all of the foreseeable future.
  • The (non-exclusive) right to perform your work whenever and wherever you please. (I’m happy to negotiate a time-frame for performance-rights exclusivity, however.)

What it costs:

  • The creation of all new compositions are charged on a per-bar basis, depending on the number of parts required (as an estimate, a fast tune in 4/4 running for 5 minutes at about 120bpm will probably consist of about 150 bars).
    • Four instruments or less: $3 per bar
    • Five to fourteen parts: $5 per bar
    • Fifteen to thirty parts (a standard symphony orchestra): $8 per bar
    • Thirty-one parts and more (e.g., large symphony with choir, or large concert band): $10 per bar
  • All other soundtrack composition costs that don’t fall into any of the above categories are generally calculated as follows:
    • $20 per hour of work (subject to adjustment based on specific project needs).
  • Of course, I’m entirely negotiable. Share your budget with me, and let’s see what can be done. 🙂