Genres and Packages

We specialize in an eclectic array of styles and instrumentations. Specifically,

  • Western Classical, of all eras and varieties
  • Jazz
  • Country (old and new)
  • World and Folk
  • Electronic, Techno, Dance, Ambient, etc.

Available instrumentations range from traditional acoustic instruments (both Classical and folk, in nature) to live electronic instrumentation (e.g., 6-string electric violin, electric guitar/bass, with added effects, etc.), voices of various styles, and electronically sequenced work. Sizes of instrumental groups can range from solo to full orchestra, and everything in between.

We can specially produce for your project:

  • A single track (approx. 2-10 minutes of music)
  • An EP (approx. 15-30 minutes of music, or 3-5 tracks)
  • A full album (approx. 45-60 minutes of music, or approx. 8-12 tracks)

We can produce music at any stage to accompany your project:

  • Detailed sheet music for live players
  • Digitally reproduced performance (using Notion and additional software as needed), or
  • Live recorded performance, by either the trusted Family & Friends of Novel Soundtrax (discounted package) or by professionally hired musicians.
  • Editing and mastering included with any type of album release (either the Family & Friends discounted package, or the professional rate)

Visit our Recording Page for more details, or

Contact us to discuss your individual project’s needs!

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