Finding that Perfect Sound…

Here’s just a taste of the library of tunes I have on hand, ready to play for your next event!

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Traditional Tunes:

These famous and well-loved tunes are just a sampling of the traditional, Classical favorites you might choose to have performed for your event. Clicking on each linked title will take you to a sample video or sound file (remember, what you hear as the original instrumentation in the sample recordings, can in fact be played by the custom ensemble of your choosing).


Non-Traditional / Pop, Rock, etc…

  • You can choose just about any song you’d like to have played at your event; imagination is the only limit!
  • Sarah already has a library of arranged music for certain ensembles and songs of varying genres and styles… If you choose one of these pre-existing works, there will be no extra charge.
    • Sarah is more than happy to write out and arrange any of your favorite song(s) you’d like to have heard with the specific ensemble of your choice. For a new arrangement done specially for your event, there will be a charge of $35 per tune.
    • If you’d like Sarah to instead purchase alternate sheet music, she will split the cost 50-50.
  • Would you like Sarah to compose a brand new composition, just for you and your event? Complete with a personalized dedication to you, to remain on the heading of the work for all of the foreseeable future? Check out the details here…