Custom Quote for Non-concert Settings

Fill out the form for a custom quote: For non-concert settings (e.g., weddings, banquets, etc)…

  • For non-concert settings (e.g., weddings, dinners, etc.) *NOTE: These rates do not include a travel fee*:
    • $125 per musician, for one hour of time or less
    • $150 per musician, for 2 hours of time
    • $175 per musician, for 3 hours of time
    • $200 per musician, for 4 hours of time
      • each additional hour after 4 hours total is $45 per musician
    • plus, travel fee and cartage fee (if necessary for large amps, electronics, or unwieldy instruments).
    • A 15-minute break per hour is required (or an extra fee is applied)

For information and rates on specially customized music for your event, please visit this page…