Concept and Details

We all recognize the impact of a good musical score accompanying television, film, and video games. The same holds true for the literary and visual arts. Both fiction and non-fiction stories alike stir emotions in the reader that can be heightened by an accompanying recording of original music.

Music can be a subtle, background component, or it can be as equal a partner to the words on the page as desired.

Here are just a few ways Novel Soundtrax may be an added benefit to your project and bring it the attention it deserves. Imagine…

  • A recording to be played in conjunction with established passages, to convey important emotions while the reader is engaged with the book.
  • A recording for the reader to enjoy apart from reading: Music as a complimentary component to reinforce literary artistic details. Great for more abstract or psychological works of art!
  • Tracks that highlight certain characters, as in operatic leitmotif.
  • A musical score to accompany audio book recordings.
  • Promote the release of your book with its very own accompanying music album.
  • Have the recording available to play at live readings; sheet music for your book’s “soundtrack” will be available should you wish to engage live musicians at events, as well.
  • Of course, Novel Soundtrax is happy to compose and produce music for any other creative project you might have in mind!

Your music is so lovely, so intriguing, that it has convinced me to accept a review of the book. Thank you for your gift of music to us all. (Dolce Bellezza)

Novel Soundtrax is glad to work alongside our fellow artists as equals, in a collaborative fashion. All music we compose will be creative and highly original, aimed at heightening the unique impact your work has on its audience.

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