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Category: Composing

The Leviathan Concerto Recording is Here!

It’s officially here! Now you can download/stream and enjoy the definitive recording of “Leviathan of the Ancient Deep”!! Taking its cue from the Hebrew description of the Creature of antiquity […]

Visit the Restructured

  Check out the new and improved! Now you can explore THREE large-scale works (soon-to-be FOUR) that I’m aiming to record with live musicians via my new connection with […]

“Paroketh’s Veil” Now Available!

From CBTTF Records, featuring the original works of Sarah Wallin Huff, we introduce… Paroketh’s Veil Purchase this recording at Right now, the album is only available in DVD and […]

New Retro Game Soundtrack Music

I had so much fun putting together some music for a retro video game project — I love being able to bring the “bleeps and bloops” from my childhood into […]

New Meditation Track I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time with the Simbi community, offering music lessons, violin recordings, soundtracks, tarot readings, and more. I recently finished a 15-minute long meditation track for […]

“simplicity” Now Available!

Due to a large and involved soundtrack project I recently took on (featuring my music that will appear in the background of an upcoming bingo game app), I am now […]

More Custom Music Coming Your Way…

Haha, so I’ve been cranking out a slew of brand new electronic works for a game-soundtrack request, and I’ve been having just such a blast putting this all together! Because […]

Enjoy Some New Custom Music!

Check out the latest, fun commission I finished for a professional blacksmith, wood, and leather worker! And, of course, there’s my previous custom tune, “The Groovy City,” to enjoy, as […]

Arranged Titles

With all of the amazing music available to us, why not have your favorite sounds — from across vast eras and locations around the world — on hand to play […]