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Arranged Titles

With all of the amazing music available to us, why not have your favorite sounds — from across vast eras and locations around the world — on hand to play with your friends, or to have ready for a hired group playing at your event?

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  • Have a special request for an arrangement of a tune you don’t see? Contact Sarah to have one made special for you and your group or event!
    • If Sarah is already organizing music for your event, she will gladly add on any extra single-tune arrangements needed for the same event and musicians, for only $30 per tune (this fee only applies to new titles needed, not new instrumentation of existing titles).
      • Outside of same-event-arranging, basic rates for an arrangement of a single tune, written for a quartet of musicians or less, is $20 per hour of work.
        • Transcription services (handy for adjusting certain parts to fit your group better) are the same rate of $20 per hour of work.
      • Medleys and arrangements requiring more than four instrumental parts are charged per bar (as an estimate, a fast tune in 4/4 running for 5 minutes at about 120bpm will probably consist of about 150 bars). The cost will fall between $3 and $10 per bar, depending on the total number of instrumental parts needed.

Additional, Available Contemporary Titles

…besides those found on SMPPress and my Store


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