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Event Music

Imagine you are planning a special event with your family and friends. A wedding, memorial, party, fundraiser… And you know you will have to have music playing — your favorite music, of course! But you don’t want to settle for just playing recordings off your iTunes or Spotify playlist through speakers. You want depth, meaning… human feeling and interaction…everything that comes through when live musicians play your favorite jams.

But where do you even start finding reliable musicians you can trust to create that special “something” you’re looking for?

Sarah Wallin Huff has been performing and contracting music for events since 1998. She has played and organized music for weddings of all types, for birthday parties, memorial and church services, and has successfully handled even the most creative of requests (like, for example, the James Franco Bates Motel experience, and the Coachella work for DJ Deorro). 😉

Sarah was absolutely amazing! She made our special day very memorable and we cant thank her enough for her wonderful entertainment to all of our guest! It was such a pleasure to work with her and she made everything so convenient! (source)

photo1She has an extensive library of music, ranging from Classical favorites to pop and love songs, movie and Broadway tunes, and more. And anything you request that she doesn’t already have, she will make happen. As a professional composer and arranger, Sarah offers her services in arranging (or even creating brand-new) non-traditional or contemporary music of the client’s choosing.

I brought my son with me to the MIDI Ensemble concert and we both enjoyed it very much. We thought Widescreen, Autumn Interlude, Flying on the Wings of Steam, Karma Police, Personal Echo and Theme from ‘X-Files’ were brilliantly arranged, orchestrated and performed. (source)


  • For non-concert settings (e.g., weddings, dinners, etc.) *NOTE: These rates do not include a travel fee, added for locations 30 miles one-way or more from our base of operations*:
    • $125 per musician, for two hours of time or less
    • $150 per musician, for 3 hours of time
    • $175 per musician, for 4 hours of time
      • each additional hour after 4 hours total is $45 per musician
    • plus, travel fee (for distances greater than 30 miles one-way) and cartage fee (if necessary for large amps, electronics, or unwieldy instruments)
    • A 15-minute break per hour is required (or an extra fee is applied)
  • For formal concert settings or other show-style performance:
    • $150 per musician for a 2.5 hour show [for shows selling tickets for less than $10 each, the rate for the same 2.5 hour performance is $125 per musician]; plus,
    • $50 per musician, per 2-hour rehearsal(s)
      • 3-hour rehearsals are $75 per musician
      • 4-hour rehearsals are $100 per musician
  • Reduced rates are available for concerts involving a majority of amateur players and for religious-style services or community shows that require several dates of commitment.

Contact me!


Videos of Sarah Wallin Huff and Friends in Performance

Here is a small sample of Sarah in performance with a few of her colleagues…


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